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chris j.
bloomsburg, pA
January 27, 2022

My dear wife loved them. They look great on her.

dustin d.
camarillo, cA
January 27, 2022

Stunningly beautiful! I purchased this ring for my wife for our 30th Anniversary. Absolutely amazing. Timeless classic. She loves it. I love seeing her wear it.

zoe g.
new york, nY
January 27, 2022

This item was a gift. The bracelet fit perfectly, the pearls have a great luster. Love the clasp!

biling j.
brooklyn, nY
January 27, 2022

ting h.
campbell, cA
January 27, 2022

Nice shape and luster. Very happy with the purchase.

nan k.
san ramon, cA
January 27, 2022

I bought it for my sister's birthday and I cannot wait to see her response! I got a 15% off deal and what a wonderful gift it is with the affordable price and top notch quality. I started saving for the next pearl source sale for myself, Ha Ha!!!

yang y.
brighton east, viC
January 26, 2022

Beautiful product! Love it!

chantelle b.
bromley, select county
January 26, 2022

Really gorgeous set and the arrived really quickly! My only disappointment was the finesse clasp. I'm unsure if it's an issue with my particular necklace or these types of clasps in general but it has never stayed completely closed. Luckily as it's a fish hook style it never falls off completely but it would be great if the click to close mechanism actually clicked and stayed closed.

chris d.
bonaire, gA
January 26, 2022

Beautiful Pearls! Fast shipping. Very pleased. Will be buying from Pearl Source again.

emilia r.
lindenhurst, nY
January 26, 2022

They are just the right size for my daughter's lowest ear piercing. Beautiful pearls!

thelma h.
georgetown, tX
January 26, 2022

Beautiful. It was exactly what I wanted.

eleanor b.
london, london
January 25, 2022

Absolutely stunning! Am delighted with the quality of these pearls and have already recommended you to a friend!

bruce n.
san jose, cA
January 25, 2022

My Dana wore those pearls last night as we went out for a simple meal. She wore jeans and high heels fashion top and both the pearl necklace I just gave as well as the pearl studs. She looked stunning. Now that’s how one dress up sheik. The pearls added that classy look. Wow!

blanca p.
fort lauderdale, fL
January 25, 2022

Lovely earrings my mother was very pleased

kate a.
great falls, mT
January 25, 2022

A thing of true beauty.

james w.
hopewell, vA
January 25, 2022

Wife loved them!

ross a.
montgomery village, mD
January 25, 2022

The bracelet exceeded my expectations. The pearls showed a luster and color that made the bracelet stand out.

kari a.
ashburn, vA
January 25, 2022

Beautiful color and quality

grady t.
wimauma, fL
January 25, 2022

hugo s.
new york, nY
January 25, 2022

I was super surprised to see how fast they shipped out my necklace. It was a gift and came right on time. The quality and color of the pearls was better than I expected. I’d definitely buy another piece

zhen w.
cottesloe, wA
January 25, 2022

I ordered stud earrings they were really good quality and I received my order in a short time perfect size for what I was looking for :) very impressed will go back for more earrings

maria b.
bethesda, mD
January 25, 2022

They're beautiful. Thank you.

doreen w.
galloway, oH
January 25, 2022

Perfect match. I bought this in black to match a pair of Akoya earrings and ring I also purchased from the pearl source. The quality is very good and matches perfectly.

john s.
anchorage, aK
January 25, 2022

india r.
santa clarita, cA
January 25, 2022

I love them! They came quickly and they are perfect.

gabriele h.
santa clarita, cA
January 25, 2022

Great value for real starter pearls!

lissette h.
the woodlands, tX
January 25, 2022

Thank you for the excellent customer service! The Aliya white pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings are beautiful. Excellent quality as described in your website. My wife loved them.

stacie h.
norman, oK
January 25, 2022

Very elegant, but also works when I want to wear it casually. My husband got it for my birthday, and it is beautiful. I mix and match it with black pearl studs on most days. I love how versatile it is.

derek m.
lyndhurst, hants
January 24, 2022

Great ear rings. Good colour, nicely set and the presentation was very nice. Would buy again from here.

tom b.
chichester, west sussex
January 24, 2022

peter c.
king's lynn, norfolk
January 24, 2022

Wife delighted with birthday gift of pearl earrings which complimented Christmas gift pearl necklace.. P.C.

michele h.
rochester, nY
January 24, 2022

michele h.
rochester, nY
January 24, 2022

the c.
mapleton, uT
January 24, 2022

These earrings are perfect for everyday wear. Nice luster, simple and unique

martin b.
gainsborough, lincolnshire
January 24, 2022

Great service and quick delivery. A perfect match for the necklace and earrings bought last year. My wife loves the bracelet.

juan g.
south gate, cA
January 24, 2022

Akoya Pearl set in a diamond amour pendant looked fantastic when I first looked at it in its box; but I was somewhat disappointed in the the sheer flimsiness and thinness of the 18 inch 14-carat gold chain (I know the inflated gold prices is responsible for this, but it seems the chain should've been more than a gossamer thread).

hunter h.
shelbyville, iN
January 24, 2022

First time buying my wife pearls! She loves them, thinks they punch way above their weight class, and, my favorite part, she looks AMAZING in them! Big thanks to the Pearl Source team!

jen k.
la habra, cA
January 24, 2022

Love how the necklace length can be adjusted. The pearls are a great price, good quality.

donald a.
florence, oR
January 24, 2022

It seemed terribly small and maybe chain could have been offered in longer length. It is attractive however.

sherri l.
westminster, cO
January 24, 2022

susan s.
diamond bar, cA
January 24, 2022

Very beautiful! Packaging very nice too!

roger w.
kirkland, wA
January 24, 2022

I never knew pearls could have such amazing color. Incredible value for such quality

philip e.
raleigh, nC
January 23, 2022

tasya b.
san jose, cA
January 23, 2022

The pendant is great!

kazumi t.
philadelphia, pA
January 23, 2022

Great color and luster for the value. Happy with this purchase .

maria c.
edinburg, tX
January 23, 2022

I purchased the earrings, even though I was not sure what size they would be. I am happy with both pairs. The dangling earrings are not as long as I thought, only about an inch from top to bottom, but they fit well, and look very elegant. I have received many compliments on the quality of the pearls. They have a very nice luster. The orchid flower earrings are just a tad smaller, about 2/3 to 4/5 of an inch from top to bottom. They look a little snug on my larger earlobes, but they fit perfectly on my 9 year old granddaughter. All together, the purchase was great. I selected the earrings online, ordered with no hassle at all, and received the order sooner than I expected. The earrings are beautiful. I would buy them again. The only thing I wish is that The Pearle Source had an image of the earrings next to a ruler/measurement guide, so customers can clearly see the size, length, and width of a product before purchase.

jessica k.
dallastown, pA
January 23, 2022

This ring is gorgeous! The pictures do it no Justice! I love The Pearl Source!

julie h.
brunswick, gA
January 23, 2022

I love it, getting a lot of compliments

brian g.
ringgold, gA
January 23, 2022

Well, in case you were wondering, she loved the pearls that I got her for Christmas! I'm definitely pleased with the way she reacted and I will definitely be a return customer. Thank you for helping me make her day!

joy b.
hollister, cA
January 23, 2022

I am so inlove with my southsea pearl earrings and ring that I purchased. They’re so beautiful! I will definitely purchase more & I highly recommended “The pearl source”. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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