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michael s.
sioux falls, sD
March 18, 2023

Arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Well worth the money. I will be buying from here again!

larry j.
fayetteville, gA
March 18, 2023

My wife loves her beautiful pearls. Pearl Source made the purchase easy, delivered on time and provided a quality product.

teresa n.
kingston, nH
March 18, 2023

They are the perfect size and love the soft golden color.

angela p.
greensboro, nC
March 16, 2023

The earrings are absolutely beautiful! Perfect color and size that I wanted. Arrived quickly and in beautiful packaging as well. Very happy!

mollie h.
bristol, tN
March 15, 2023

Very Beautiful pearl.Excellent price for quality,

tal s.
carlsbad, cA
March 14, 2023

I love my new pearl bracelet and earrings and have been wearing them constantly since ordering them. The perals are beautiful in color and quality and I've been getting so many compliments on my new jewelry.

tal s.
carlsbad, cA
March 14, 2023

I love my new pearl bracelet and earrings and have been wearing them constantly since ordering them. The perals are beautiful in color and quality and I've been getting so many compliments on my new jewelry.

ellis s.
buffalo, nY
March 14, 2023

I’m very happy with the 9-9.5mm and 24” longer length hanadama necklace I ordered. It’s long enough to slip over my head without struggling with a clasp. I sometimes wear the necklace with the ‘pearl swirl’ clasp showing on the side - it’s that beautiful!

jaime v.
goodyear, aZ
March 13, 2023

Very nice, product. Very happy.

edinburgh, lothian
March 12, 2023

The necklace is absolutely beautiful and of very high quality. We chose to have the solid bar clasp which adds a real elegance. Pearls are very equal in size and colour and have a good weight. It will be the perfect piece for our daughter to wear at her wedding. It is a quality piece that will serve her well for many years.

laurie m.
providence, rI
March 11, 2023

Beautiful pearls for my daughters wedding gift. She loved them. Great company to work with. Customer service was wonderful making sure they arrived on time.

mafe b.
tallahassee, fL
March 11, 2023

My gift recipient was thrilled beyond measure. I had borrowed a similar type pair from her and misplaced them. She was happily floored with my selection and all the accompanying amenities of the purchase (certificate of authenticity, wrapping, etc). I will definitely buy from this company again. ❤️❤️❤️

vallejo, cA
March 11, 2023

The pearls are beautiful, got them on sale so price was exceptionally and the packaging and shipping was super quick.

tara k.
centerport, nY
March 11, 2023

Very nice earrings

brenda t.
brunswick, gA
March 10, 2023

Beautiful earrings!! Have been looking for something simple yet elegant and these are perfect!

jason j.
oshkosh, wI
March 8, 2023

Amazing packaging and documentation. Earrings are definitely high quality and beautiful. You made my Mom very happy!

carol r.
needham, mA
March 8, 2023

The pearl earrings were beautiful, and just as I hoped. I appreciated the customization, and the presentation itself was lovely.

lila t.
armuchee, gA
March 8, 2023

These are beautiful Tahitian pearls and I enjoy wearing them! This was the fifth pearl necklace I have purchased from Pearl Source. All of them were delivered promptly and I think they were a great value.

jennah d.
howell, mI
March 8, 2023

They are a beautiful color of light pink and absolutely flawless.

zachary r.
cheyenne, wY
March 7, 2023

The pearls were beautiful. My wife loved the gift.

ishai k.
hillside, nJ
March 6, 2023

Beautiful earrings, great customer support.

michael c.
upton, mE
March 5, 2023

Great quality and of course my wife absolutely loved them. Thank you Pearl Source.

jan p.
san diego, cA
March 4, 2023

Beautiful pearls. The case was extra special and highly appreciated as a gift.

deborah c.
coral gables, fL
March 4, 2023

Lovely pearl necklace. Beautiful luster and size as advertised.

yu j.
union city, cA
March 4, 2023

Thank you for the nice packaging, fast shipping, and impeccable quality of the pearls!

stephanie r.
spencer, wV
March 4, 2023

I recently purchase a Princess length necklace as a graduation gift and once I saw the beautiful quality I then gifted myself with my first real Pearl necklace. Great quality and price, and quick shipping. Arrives in a beautiful package ready for gifting with no additional gift wrapping needed.

amy c.
cambridge, mA
March 4, 2023

I am delighted with my necklace . The pearls are a lovely shape and color grey . I love the luminous colored undertones.

susan h.
columbia, mD
March 4, 2023

I was pleased with the packaging of the Tahitian pearl pendant that I ordered. The pendant itself surprised me in that the description said "black" and my pearl was more of a medium silver. It worked out okay because it exactly matches a pair of Tahitian pearl earrings I already own. Also, on one side of the pearl there was a slight swirl in the nacre; this also surprised me since I ordered the AAAA quality. But I recognize that this is an organic gem and the swirl just proves it! Beautiful and elegant overall. I look forward to wearing this.

lucille l.
rochester, nY
March 3, 2023

My pearl bracelet is absolutely perfect! I am hoping to get a copy of my receipt for insurance purposes. Please forward. Thank you Lucille M Leiske

karen s.
parma, oH
March 1, 2023

I was simply stunned by the lustre and radiance of my pearl necklace and earrings. They were shipped within days in a beautiful presentation box. I was so happy to have a set of high quality pearls at price point that I could afford. And these were AAAA quality freshwater (necklace) and Hanadama Akoya (earrings), so no second tier as you might buy at a department store. This is not the last purchase I will make from The Pearl Source, as I trust them to provide the highest quality items backed with great customer service.

misty m.
goose creek, sC
March 1, 2023

This was purchased as a gift. I was very pleased with the necklace and the birthday girl was too!

ricky a.
officer, viC
March 1, 2023

Beautiful pearls. Very easy to purchase as the website is super easy to navigate and gives you a lot of options with great, detailed pictures. Very happy with the quality of pearls. Thanks so much!

jean p.
nacogdoches, tX
March 1, 2023

The pearl earrings are beautiful! They are exactly what I wanted.

david w.
jefferson, lA
February 28, 2023

I was concerned about the length of the leather cord since I have a large neck but it extends even more than necessary. It’s easy to adjust but most importantly the pearl has such nice color and luster. I am very pleased. Presentation box is impressive. I’ve loved pearls for years and this is a subtle and masculine way to wear to wear them.

angela s.
hammond, lA
February 28, 2023

I absolutely love my new bracelet! The range of color is great. The pearls seem to pick up whatever color I am wearing that day. They are so easy to wear. They look good with casual or elegant dresses. I ordered the infinity clasp, and the first few times I used it it were a little cumbersome. I tried a few different methods of securing the clasp and now I can do it easily by myself. If you like the look of the infinity clasp I would encourage you to get it, but be prepared to have a bit of a learning curve as you find the easiest way for you to use it. Overall, I love the look and quality of the pearls and have left a The Pearl Source informational card in my husband’s closet so he knows where to shop for future gifts.

donald w.
fort myers, fL
February 27, 2023

One of the very few companies that provides exceptional service. The quality of the bracelet was as advertised. Most importantly she loved it.

hyeyoon k.
cedar park, tX
February 27, 2023

I bought it not expecting much, but it was really pretty. The color is really pretty and the size is just right.

cheryl w.
weiser, iD
February 27, 2023

Great company! Great customer service! Great product! I'm absolutely in love with my new earrings! They match my single strand perfectly and I couldn't be happier! Only wish I had more money to buy more of their beautiful products!

andrew d.
bridport, england
February 26, 2023

A great pearl necklace, the pictures do not do justice to the real thing. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. Excellent shopping experience being kept informed on delivery every step of the way.

dion d.
cicero, iL
February 26, 2023

The Akoya pearls I received came on time as stated, FedEx caused a one day delay but customer service at the Pearl source updated me quickly. The set is high quality, came with certification. What is advertised is true, I’d like to eventually move up to some bigger pieces from these guys.

russ r.
reno, nV
February 26, 2023

I love the clean simplicity of these pieces. They go with casual clothes or can be worn in the evening.

charli c.
newbury, england
February 25, 2023

Recently visited the Philippines and sailed around some of the pearl farms, met people who work there and their beautiful pearls remind me of the incredible scenery and warm hearted people. This necklace is perfect- simple, elegant and a lovely reminder of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Delivery was very quick and simple, the packaging is also beautiful and I would definitely recommend buying from here to anyone wanting pearl jewellery.

david j.
san manuel, aZ
February 25, 2023

I bought this lovely necklace for my wife for Valentine's Day, and she is very happy with the necklace. Thank you for helping me make her Valentine's Day an unforgettable one!

kaitlyn e.
toledo, oH
February 16, 2023

Absolutely beautiful I love wearing them. Only complaint being the picture for the black pearls is misleading in size but not a huge deal. Plan on buying from here in the future!

keith t.
oklahoma city, oK
February 13, 2023

My wife was very please and excited about the quality of her ear rings. Thank You!

caroline g.
miami springs, fL
February 9, 2023

I love all the pearls I’ve bought here, beautiful to the eye and comfortable! Can’t wait for my next buy!

taylor b.
north saint paul, mN
February 7, 2023

Love these! I bought them as bridesmaids gifts and they look beautiful!

james r.
shasta lake, cA
January 31, 2023

These were purchased as gifts for my wife and daughter, to be given on the day of my daughter's wedding, in May of 2023, as remembrances. I'm very pleased with the necklaces and can't imagine that they won't be as well. I was surprised that they were delivered without signature confirmation. Which means they can be left unattended in a mail box. I guess I should have paid closer attention, but no harm, no foul.

john n.
virginia beach, vA
January 25, 2023

I don't know anything about pearls and I didn't open the box because it is a gift. My only experience with pearls was a time at SeaWorld they wanted me to present a pearl to an audience and my 7 year old self was too afraid to go out on stage through the fake smoke. I think this is a great company that makes a wonderful product and I would recommend them to any shopping or ready to buy pearls.

david h.
sequim, wA
January 22, 2023

We love The Pearl Source! My wife and I just placed our order for a second Hanadama necklace and studs. My wife does struggle with clasps. On this latest order, Audrey at The Pearl Source really came through for us by making the magnetic clasp available. And I see that we can get it on the bracelets too so our next order is being planned! The Pearl Source, in our opinion, is the one-stop SOURCE FOR (all) PEARLS!

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