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Pearl Moments - 7mm Freshwater Additional Loose Pearls
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The pearl was very nice, the color I was looking for. Customer service is very good.


Pearls were a add on to set I started for my niece to have a full set by age 18. They seem lovely


Very helpful website and speedy delivery. Great value.


The necklaces and pearls are exquisite. The boxes that the necklaces come in are fantastic and make excellent gifts. The certificates of authenticity are well made and professional. The customer service is great, and the fact that I received a personal phone call to confirm the correctness of my order is evidence of the care that the employees take with the orders. My only comments are: 1) The necklaces should come with a card or booklet explaining the "Build-a-necklace" concept so that the gift giver doesn't have to explain it. 2) The additional pearls come in a nice little velvet bag (as shown), but this isn't overly conducive to giving them as gifts. The extra pearls should come either in a small box or attached (monofilament?) to a decorative card, or something like that so that they can be more easily given as gifts especially since many people are giving these as gifts one pearl at a time over a period of time. Other than those 2 comments, this absolutely would have been a 5-Star Review. With that being said, we will be recommending The Pearl Source to others and will be purchasing from them again.

Product Description

Pearl Moments, designed to grow with your loved one. Whether inspired by a meaningful life event, milestone, or simply to represent a number that is special to you. Our unique patented chain technology allows you to add or remove as many pearls as you'd like at your own convenience. These 7mm Freshwater additional loose pearls are designed to be added to your Pearl Moments necklace. Select any number of pearls you'd like to gift or save for future occasions.

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Very Thick
Very High
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